Dear Parents & Potential Kappa Leaguers,

I hope this communication finds you well. I am writing to let you know that the Raleigh Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi will be starting its Kappa League program in October 2020.

Kappa League is the mentoring arm of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. It is the oldest African-American male mentoring program in the United States. Our Kappa League committee has outlined a full year of topics to empower and inspire our participants. Through the use of virtual platforms (Zoom, You Tube), Raleigh Alumni will be working in conjunction with the National Kappa League team. We will continue to educate and encourage our young men. Once normalcy returns and it is safe to do so, we will transition to and incorporate in person meetings.

This year marks the fourth consecutive year of RAC’s Kappa League program, and we are looking to make it the best year thus far. As a result, we are requiring greater participation from parents in ensuring the KL participants faithfully attend meetings. There will be a number of opportunities for recognition as the year progresses, but we need the participants and their parents wholehearted commitment. Thus, we are reaching out to you for your support.

While our desire is not to exclude anyone interested, we aim to recruit and retain only highly-motivated, college-bound young men. Our committee knows that the participants’ buy-in is an essential factor in the overall success of the program. Therefore, we are seeking young men who will consistently complete assigned tasks, prioritize meeting attendance, and affirm their commitment to being their best version of themselves.

At your convenience, please watch this four-minute video located here for more information about Kappa League and the things we are Achieving.

If you believe your son is interested and up for this challenge, please complete the attached application and return it to: Steve Freeman:

Thank you,

Brother Steve Freeman
RAC Guide Right Director


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