The Greater Raleigh Kappa League (GRKL) is the service program of the Raleigh(NC) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Inc. and the Kappa Charitable Trust Fund, Inc — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The GRKL takes young men of high school age — many from low income, single parent homes — and gives them hope for a better life while helping them get to college.

Geared toward building leadership skills, encouraging scholastic achievement and fostering community service in high school males, the program includes travelling to colleges and universities, lectures on self-improvement, SAT/ACT Preparation, work readiness and service-learning projects.


The purpose of Kappa League is to be a national youth leadership program dedicated to “Training Young Men of Color for Leadership, Achievement and Service” by providing exposure to tangible examples of achievement, while cultivating the potential of each of its members in a powerful, personal and intentional way


The mission of Kappa League is to develop the next generation of leaders and achievers of impact and influence in the world.


  • For each young man to discover his unique skills and abilities in order to find and fulfill his purpose in life.

  • Prepare young men (particularly those of color) to become leaders of impact and influence

  • Promote academic achievement by encouraging enrollment in honors and advanced placement(AP) courses

  • To obtain 100% high school graduation and college/trade school acceptance rates

  • Train Kappa Leaguers to become role models of positive change for other youth within their school and community

​For more information please visit our GRKL website by clicking here!